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About Code Hive Tx, LLC

Code Hive Tx, LLC is a small consultancy with a focus on internationalization and global enablement. It was established in 2021, but brings many years of expertise to bear for your project.

We are located in Dripping Springs, Hays County, Texas, USA. About 45 minutes from Austin.

Owner: Steven R. Loomis

Photo of Steven R. Loomis — wearing a black felt western hat

Steven brings more than two decades of experience to Code Hive Tx — innovating and developing processes, tools, and organizations critical to modern software globalization. Read Steven’s Resume.

Mission Statement

  "Code": [
    "Artisan crafted software, ",
    "with an emphasis on careful test-driven design."
  "People": [
    "Projects that make a difference for real people.",
    "Careful discussion to understand your organization’s needs, ",
    "and the followup to get the job done right.",
  "World": [
    "Enabling communications for all of the world’s people."